Each piece of my jewelry is one of a kind, as unique as the customer who buys it. 

The entire process of designing, planning and executing a piece of jewelry is deeply satisfying but I especially love exploring new techniques for creating surface design and textures in metal and then applying gold and patinas to highlight the patterns.  Using gold to enhance a piece may include the techniques of  Keum Boo, fusing, painting, plating and soldering.  Different karats and alloys of gold create a subtle palette that can be artfully combined to create a rich aesthetic.  Applying patinas once the piece is finished further enhances each piece of work and showcases the metals used.

I love creating timeless jewelry using bold geometric shapes and natural forms that can go from casual to dressy, pieces of art that can be worn and cherished for many years.  I draw inspiration from many sources, but mostly from nature.  

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